Jing Nathan Yan

I am a Ph.D. student at Bowers CIS, Cornell/Cornell Tech where I am extremely fortunate to be advised by Prof. Sasha Rush and Prof. Jeff Rzeszotarski. Before coming to Cornell, I have been affiliated to HKU (courses) working with Prof. Reynold Cheng and SFU working with Prof. Jiannan Wang.

I had the great fortunate to spend summers working with fantastics researchers at Google Research, Microsoft Research and Facebook AI Labs.

My research interest is in Large-scale Deep Learning Systems with the focus on making them more efficient and robust, and currently I am fascinated with:
(1) Efficient architectures for deep learning on long sequence modeling (i.e., long text, image, audio);
(2) Machine Learning Fairness Assessment.

Here is my Email: jy858 AT cornell.edu

Nathan Yan

Selected Publication

  1. Jing Nathan Yan*, Jiatao Gu*, Alexander Rush
    Diffusion Models Without Attention
    Preprint, 2023. [arXiv link] (*equal contribution)
    A shorter version at NeurIPS 2023 Workshop on Diffusion Models
  2. Jing Nathan Yan, Tianqi Liu, Justin T. Chiu, Jiaming Shen, Zhen Qin, Yue Yu, Yao Zhao, Charu Lakshmanan, Yair Kurzion, Alexander Rush, Jialu Liu, Michael Bendersky
    On What Basis? Predicting Text Preference Via Structured Self-Comparative Reasoning.
    Preprint, 2023. [arXiv link]
  3. Yue Yu, Jiaming Shen, Tianqi Liu, Zhen Qin, Jing Nathan Yan, Jialu Liu, Chao Zhang, Michael Bendersky
    Explanation-aware Soft Ensemble Empowers Large Language Model In-context Learning.
    Preprint, 2023. [arXiv link]
  4. Junxiong Wang, Jing Nathan Yan, Albert Gu, Alexander Rush
    Pretraining Without Attention.
    In EMNLP 2023 Findings, Dec 5 - 10, Singapore.
  5. Jinglin Peng, Weiyuan Wu, Jing Nathan Yan, Danrui Qi, Jeffrey M Rzeszotarski, Jiannan Wang
    User Interfaces for Exploratory Data Analysis: A Survey of Open-Source and Commercial Tools.
    In Sep 2023, Bulletin of the IEEE Computer Society Technical Committee on Data Engineering.
  6. Hanyuan Zhang, Siqiang Luo, Jieming Shi, Jing Nathan Yan, Weiwei Sun
    Example-based Spatial Search at Scale.
    In ICDE 2022, May 9 - 12, Virtual event.
  7. Jing Nathan Yan, Ziwei Gu, Jeff Rzeszotarski
    Tessera: Discretizing Data Analysis Workflows on a Task Level.
    In CHI 2021, May 8 - 13, Yokohama, Japan.
  8. Jinglin Peng, Weiyuan Wu, Brandon Lockhart, Song Bian, Jing Nathan Yan, Linghao Xu, Zhixuan Chi, Jeffrey Rzeszotarski, Jiannan Wang
    DataPrep.EDA: Task-Centric Exploratory Data Analysisfor Statistical Modeling in Python.
    In SIGMOD 2021, June 20 - 25, Xi'an, Shaanxi, China. [Data Prep]
  9. Ziwei Gu*, Jing Nathan Yan*, Jeff Rzeszotarski
    Understanding User Sensemaking in Machine Learning Fairness Assessment Systems.
    In TheWeb 2021(WWW 2021), April 19 - 23, Ljubljana, Slovenia(*equal contribution). [Datasets]
  10. Jing Nathan Yan, Oliver Schulte, Mohan Zhang, Jiannan Wang, Reynold Cheng
    SCODED: Statistical Constraint Oriented Data Error Detection.
    In SIGMOD 2020, June 14 - 19, Portland, United States.
  11. Jing Nathan Yan, Ziwei Gu, Hubert Lin, Jeff Rzeszotarski
    Silva: Interactively Assessing Machine Learning Fairness Using Causality.
    In CHI 2020, April 25 - 30, Hawai'i, United States.
  12. Haiqi Sun, Reynold Cheng, Xiaokui Xiao, Jing Nathan Yan, Yuqiu Qian, Yudian Zheng
    Maximizing Social Influence for the Awareness Threshold Model.
    In DASFAA 2018, May 21 - 24, Gold Coast, Australia.
  13. Zhipeng Huang, Bogdan Cautis, Reynold Cheng, Nikos Mamoulis, Yudian Zheng, Jing Nathan Yan
    Entity Based Query Recommendation for Long-Tail Queries.
    TKDD 2018.
  14. Siqiang Luo, Jiafeng Hu, Reynold Cheng, Jing Nathan Yan and Ben Kao.
    SEQ: Example-based Query for Spatial Objects.
    In CIKM 2017, Nov 6 - 10, Singapore.
  15. Reynold Cheng, Zhipeng Huang, Yudian Zheng, Jing Nathan Yan, Ka Yu Wong, and Eddie Ng.
    Meta Paths and Meta Structures: Analysing Large Heterogeneous Information Networks.
    [Tutorial] In APWeb-WAIM 2017, July 6 - 10, Beijing, China.


Professional Activities

Program Committee

  • FaccT 2023





    Reading books(The GAY GENIUS SU SHI), Doing random Weight lifting, and Try to practice golfing more. Also a big fan of many Japanese Cartoons 名探偵コナン and 夏目友人帳.

    Was an active member in Foreign Affairs Association. Co-founder of PowerFair, a NGO platform based in Hong Kong which aims at promoting the equal access to public resources (i.e., data).

    Previous band member, good at making noises.



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